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Breaking free from hiv/aids


This page presents alternative ways to approach hiv/aids. Many people around the world, including me consider that hiv/aids is a lie and that there is no dangerous hiv virus. Hiv/aids is all a lie and a crime. The hiv virus does not exist.
All tips in the left on this page is the very best for maintaining good health.

Re-balance your blood and restore the PH level from acidic to alkaline

You need to re-balance your blood and restore the PH level from acidic to alkaline. You need to stop eating and taking products that makes your blood and body acidic. Read the package insert for your hiv medicine. If it creates lactic acidosis, acidic blood -quit taking it!
Take good care of your body. Don't take narcotics, cocaine, crystal meth, dope, partydrugs, and alcohol, junk food, fastfood if you do, all these things makes your blood acidic and that is very dangerous. Start eating Turmeric, Stinging Nettles (powder), raw grated beetroot (smoothies), bicarbonate of soda in a little water with stevia and lemon. Try low carb LCHF(Swedish LCHF) and Candida diets. This is my tips for a healty life.
Also, be aware of Candida (Candida Albicans overgrowth). It's sexually transmitted and comes along with acidic body, low PH value, bad food habits, sugar etc. It can easily be cured with proper diet.

You can use this picture and all pictures on THIS very page on your blog or homepage, also for commercial use.

Change it to -World LIFE day!!

How many Hiv/Aids rethinkers does it take to change a lightbulb? How many Hiv/Aids rethinkers does it take to expose a big lie and a false construction based on corruption? I think we are enough many now. It's time to quit hiv/aids. It's time to quit them both. Say it loud: hiv/aids is a lie. There is no dangerous hiv virus.

Stinging Nettles -my first tip for you who have taken HIV drugs and wants to stop

Nettles is perhaps the very best way to detox your blood, they are packed with vitamins and minerals.
My page about Stinging Nettles -lots of info, try it, it's soo good for the body. Buy powder.

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Do you have a positive hiv diagnose?

There are many people around the world that considers these hiv test to be fraudulent, fake, missleading and not proving the existance of any virus.
The hiv test looks for antibodies. To have antibodies is a completely natural thing. After or during a cold or flu you get antibodies.
The HIV tests can react and show a positive result to many different things, vaccination for example. If you are pregnant or have been drinking fresh raw milk that has not been heated, the hiv test might also give you a positive result.
Getting sperms inside your vagina or anus might also trigger a reaction in your body.
So you don't need to trust the pharmaceutical companies about what their hiv test claim to prove.
http://www.thebody.com/Forums/AI (FYI this page supports hiv/aids thinking)

Thoughts power to manifestate influence over the body

If you get worried, anxious or depressed your body might also get sick because of the heavy thoughts. We work that way. Body and soul is one. If your thoughts are dark because of bad news, your body gets sick. If you are being told that you are hiv positive, this might trigger a process that makes you ill.
Well you don't need to trust in their hiv virus. I don't. These people don't.

It is the hiv medications that makes you sick and causes "AIDS". The hiv medications are extremely toxic.

These people are questioning the toxic hiv drugs

Several people is part of this homepage, I don't know if they believe in the existence of the HIV virus or not, probably mixed opinions. Anyway they are upset about the corruption in the gay community and it's links to big chemical dangerous Pharmaceutical corporations.

The most common side effects of HIV drugs

Since I started blogging I have read several package insert leaflets for hiv medicines, All hiv medicines seem to create Lactic acidosis, build up of an acid in the blood. This is something extremely dangerous. The blood in the body must always have the same ph value and the body strives to keep it that way. The PH value shall be about 7.41.
When the PH value falls the body tries to restore the value by "stealing" minerals from the skeleton, the bones. Changes in bone mineral density (thinning bones) is one common side effect of hiv drugs.
Another very common side effect of HIV drugs is serious liver problems (hepatotoxicity)

Atripla and TRUVADA hiv medicines -lactic acidosis (build up of an acid in the blood)

(from atripla.com) lactic acidosis (build up of an acid in the blood). Lactic acidosis can be a serious medical emergency that can lead to death.
Some people who have taken medicines like ATRIPLA have developed serious liver problems (hepatotoxicity), with liver enlargement (hepatomegaly) and fat in the liver (steatosis). In some cases, these liver problems can lead to death.
Serious psychiatric problems. Severe depression, strange thoughts,
Kidney problems (including decline or failure of kidney function).
Changes in bone mineral density (thinning bones).
Atripla Truvada All FDA approved hiv drugs

Side effect in many hiv drugs: Lactic acidosis, build up of an acid in the blood, low PH value. The body strives to restore the PH values by taking (stealing) material from the bones of the skeleton.

If this process continues your bones might crack. You need alkalizing.

Lactic acidosis, build up of an acid in the blood can be fatal.


Side effect in many hiv drugs: Lactic acidosis, build up of an acid in the blood. You need to restore your PH level and your blood. You need alkalizing.

Maintain the acid-base balance You need alkalizing food

An alkalizing diet can detox your body from toxic hiv medicines. First, quit taking the hiv medicines.
(I can't guarantee that these homepages are not supporting hiv/aids pharma industry.)

The PH value of the blood has a great importance for your health

Food PH value impact chart. The blood shall have a PH value on around 7,36 or so. If the PH value in the blood drops below 6,95 you fall into coma.
(I have learnt that egg is actually acidic, acid forming when you eat it, might fix the picture later. Anyway, if you combine the food to the left very ofter you might get sick. But if you exercise and burn a lot of energy, the risk gets much smaller)

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Your body, Your blood -YOU decide

Choose a healthy nutritional, alkaline diet to gain health...and don't go red!


Sodium Bicarbonate neutralises acidic blood quick and easy

To drink Bicarbonate in a glass of water is a very easy, smart and cheap way to neutralise acidic blood.
Bicarbonate is naturally present in the blood. If your body is full of chemical toxins from medicines try bicarbonate!
The pharmaceutical industry is quite seldom speaking loud about all the health benefits of Bicarbonate. They can not earn big money from it.
Any HIV/AIDS patient would probably be helped with drinking water with bicarbonate. If you know a person with HIV/Aids, try to read the package insert for the medication given. If the text says that the medication can cause lactic acidosis (that means acidic blood), then you should advise that person to stop taking that medication and chose something that protects the blood and restores the PH levels.
Give Bicarbonate and lemon in water. You can add Stevia to it for a better taste. Never eat Bicarbonate dry.

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Bicarbonate repairs acidic blood

Try to find a Bicarbonate that does not have the anti-caking ingredient aluminium if possible.

Very common side effect of hiv drugs: liver problems. You need to repair your liver. Turmeric is a natural liver detoxifier

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One tablespoon a day for an adult person is the recommendation. Maybe you can eat it 3 or 4 days a week. Put it in a glass, add just a little black pepper, it increases the body's absorption of beneficial ingredients. The dye, the Curcumin in turmeric that has medicinal properties.
Racehorses, trotters get it in the feed because it's good for the joints.

Turmeric is a SUPERFOOD! Everybody should eat it regularly, I do, and I am seldom ill.


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Beetroot detoxes the body and strenghtens the liver


Raw food, detox, colon, stomach



Have you heard about the HIV denialists that says snacks and softdrinks causes aids?

This is not what we are saying. But a lifestyle can make a person ill. I have a big perspective of the thing called hiv/aids, the industry and its hiv treatments, what it does to the human body.
"Another hiv denialst dies of AIDS" some bloggers write. I would ask: how many have died when taking hiv medicines from Galxosmithkline, Roche, Merck MSD, Abbot and Gilead? Far more.
Getting a diagnosis may be enough to get sick. You get marked. Moreover, there are so many recreational drugs that make people sick and kill. Having extreme-sex, having sex with multiple partners every week or taking cocaine, LSD, amphetamines or other drugs makes you become sick eventually. If you are poor and live in slums or in Africa and do not have food, you become sick from malnutrition. If you do not clean water to drink, you become sick. If you take toxic drugs, hiv medicines you get sick.

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Many are those who have stopped taking antiretrovirals and gained health

What is hiv/aids? Many people, including me consider that hiv/aids is a lie by the big pharmaceutical corporations.
If they can sell harmfull vaccines that creates disease, if they can sell useless medicines that is supposed to prevent Cardiovascular disease and improve cirkulation that actually makes people sick. Of course they can do the same thing with hiv/aids. Sell useless medications that harm people and create disease. Start reading the package insert information for your hiv medications. They all say that they can kill and harm the patient who takes them. The system is so corrupt so all evidence for this is filtered away in the mainstream media. Information and messages that supports official hiv/aids always get the impact in media.
Hiv/aids is a branding of already existing diseases and they have created the perfect business idea. If you speak against them you get blacklisted.
Since Sweden is not a communist dictatorship (not yet) we all have the right to speak our minds publicly.
Once a person starts taking harmful mediactions he/she looses strength and have no possibility to reach out and warn others. The picture always remains "clear" to the maistream public.
Of course they have their "shoping windows" on display in TV that tells us how good antiretrovirals are. We can not be sure that these people are given the toxic versions that the rest of the world get.
Official "hiv TV stars" like Hulk Hogan might get milder preparations so they can show us a smiling face on TV and tell us others how really good their hiv medications are.
There is no dangerous hiv virus. It is the hiv medications that are dangerous and kill people.

Turmeric -a super medicine

LCHF diet -low carbohydrate high fat

Candida yeast infection, tiredness,
sugar addiction, PH balance,

Healthy natural sweeteners and sugar alternatives, healthy baking

Herbs and green tea - inner harmony

Repair yourself at the cellular level. Methyl sulfonyl methane -MSM is organic sulfur.