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Kidney stone

Kidney stone symptoms:

back pain in the lower back, stiffness in the lower back,
pain on one side of the back
frequent urination,
pain in the groin above the genitals, inside the lower abdomen (bladder)
it is often very little urine when you urinate but the bladder still feels tense
changes in urine color, pink urine, dark smelly urine
bubbles or foam in the urine
chills, easy to feel cold, cold hands and feet
metallic taste in the mouth, food looses its taste, loss of apetite
https://stegforhalsa.se (Swedish)

Kidney stones causes and prevention

There are different ways to get kidney stones and they can consist of different material. Kidney stones is a complicated matter surrounded with lots of controversy and conflicting information. Since there are so many different ways to get kidney stones, you need to figure out how you got your kidney stones, if you have them. General advice to consider if you have kidney stones:
Don't eat foods that are very high in oxalic content such as turmeric, spinach, Cocoa, nuts, chia seeds, soy, strawberries, rhubarbs etc.
But if you eat these foods, always combine the meal with calium rich foods such as milk or cheese etc. Don't drink milk between meals. Drink milk together with your meals. (Read more about this at the bottom of the page.) Don't drink sugary sodas and soft drinks. Don't drink diet sodas or diet soft drinks such as Diet Coke, Pepsi Max, Coca Cola Zero or such.
Make sure to drink enough water every day. Limit alcohol and caffeine.
Eat less salt and sugar. Eating to much salt and sugar contributes to kidney stones.
Use other sweeteners than sugar, use raw organic honey or Birch sugar - Xylitol. Use Stevia, buy pure Stevia or use raw organic honey or Birch sugar - Xylitol. Drink water mixed with organic Apple cider vinegar and a little raw organic honey once or twice a weeek. Eat the herb Chanca-Piedra that inhibits kidney stones. Supplements of vitamin C and calcium can to contribute to kidney stones and perhaps the mineral supplement MSM. I eat turmeric and MSM very often, almost every day. These are very good food supplements but I will actually stop eating it for a while. Ok a big warning here for people who eats a table spoon of turmeric almost every day. Stop doing it! Turmeric is a very healthy herb, absolutley. But not in such high doses day in day and out year after year. Ok? Turmeric is high in oxalic acid. At last you can get a kidney stone.

A warning here also for MSM supplements for people with kidney stones or people who are prone to get kidney stones.
I still consider MSM is a good mineral supplement but if used moderately. Think about how you combine your supplements.

Apple cider vinegar, water and olive oil stopped my kidney stone attack

I'm quite sure that I have had kidney stones. I have had several of the symptoms for quite a long time. During a painful attack I drank one drinking glass of apple cider vinegar and almost 1 liter of still water and some the olive oil. 15-20 minutes later the pain started to decrease and then after about 20 minutes it was gone. The pain was gone! I will continue the vinegar - water treatment, and perhaps also drink more olive oil. It's good to drink it before your meals and to drink it once or twice every week to prevent new kidney stones. Apple cider vinegar is good for the health in general. Make sure to drink plenty of water.
Both lemons and apple cider vinegar has an alkalizing effect inside the body when digested.
Natural Remedies for Kidney Stones
How to Natural Get Rid of Kidney Stones!

My kidney stone diet

This is what I have been eating the latest month to prevent and fight kidney stones. After 6 weeks on this diet, I feel that this diet has helped, I seldom have pain now. But after one month on this diet I consulted a doctor. That was also about one month after my two pain attacks. The doctor didn't think I had a kidney stone, but since I already had my attack, the big stones where already gone.
My breakfasts consists of Barley porridge salted with Seltin, about 30 to 90 grams Coconut oil in the porridge, topped with peeled apple and a little flaxseeds. Often also natural youghurt on the side, a little oat sometimes. Green tea to drink.
Lunch/dinner: Barley porridge, kidney beans, (white rice sometimes) Coconut oil, Seltin. Water to drink. Peeled apple for dessert, Coconut oil
Evening: same as breakfast most often. I take the supplement tablets to the breakfast and main meal. I love Barley! It's tasty. If you want this diet to help you loose weight don't take to much Coconut oil. Since this diet makes you satisfied, full you don't feel so hungry in the evening and that is a good reason to not eat anything in the evenings. Suggestion: don't eat anything after 17:00 or 18:00 in the evening. Fasting once a week is also good, drinking plenty of water or green tea.
Make sure to drink enough. Flaxseeds prevents constipation. Eating one or two table spoons of Flaxseed to breakfast is good. The cyanogenic glycosides in flax seeds disappears when heating to 175-250 degrees Celsius. You can also soak the flaxseeds in water or put them in the porridge. Perhaps you want oat milk or Coconut milk to the porridge? It's up to you, but I only take Coconut oil and sometimes a little rapseed oil. You can also eat youghurt on the side. Mix natural youghurt with water to drink in a glass.
Make sure to eat much Coconut fat to this diet and drink enough liquids otherwise it might become to heavy, indigestible. I had some stomach pain a few times and I think it was because I drank to little, had to little oil, eating to much fibres.
Barley porridge
Organic Coconut oil, quite much to each meal
Seltin (instead of salt)
peeled apples
flaxseeds (heated up to 175-250 degrees Celsius to neutralise cyanogenic glycosides)
organic natural yogurt
Kidney beans
Solgar's Magnesium Citrate 2 tablets a day
Potassium 2 tablets a day
Dandelion tablets Dandelion tablets 2 tablets before each meal.
Juniper berries 2 berries a day, theyr are very difficult for digestion,
don't take several at the same time.
Chanca Piedra tablets first 5-6 per day, later perhaps 3 per day.
Green tea
Camomile tea
Dandelion tea (roots) very effective, honey, mint oil, Bergamott oil.
Apple cider vinegar
Olive oil

The benefits of barley - resistant starch

The health benefits of barley are many. Barley contains resistant starch, a fibre/carbohydrate which prevents obesity, improves gut health, improves blood sugar and helps immunity. Resistant starch can be found in several foods and is a fibre/carbohydrate that is not stored as fat in the body. Soak the barley in luke warm (finger warm temperature) salt water over night, (don't take luke warm water from the tap, heat up the water on the stove, but not to warm). Soaking releases the nutrients and make them more accessible during digestion. Soaking also breaks down phytic acid which is an "anti-nutrient" -not so good to eat. In the morning, pour out all the water (use a strain) and add fresh new water in the saucepan stir a little quick. Pour out the water again and add fresh water, stir a little quick. Pour out the water again and add fresh water. Now you have removed starch and the phytic acid is gone. Now boil for about 15-20 minutes.

Kidney stone diet: Barley porridge with Coconut oil, Seltin, peeled apple, flaxseeds, cammomile tea, youghurt (a little oats), tablets of: Chanca-Piedra, Potassium Citrate, Magnesium Citrate.
You feel saturation long time with this breakfast.
You don't get hungry so fast. You can manage a whole day. You don't have to eat in the evening.
When you eat zucchini peel it. I think that the oxalic acid is in the peel of the zucchini. Perhaps this is a good advice regarding any fruit or vegetable and oxalic acid.

Kidney stone diet taken with the word of God - The Holy Bible

Apple cider vinegar and raw organic honey prevents kidney stones

Rather use raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized Apple cider vinegar and raw organic honey.
Take 3 tablespoons mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey and put it in a glass of water and drink every morning.
Folk Medicine: A Vermont Doctor's Guide to Good Health (amazon.com)
organic raw unfiltered unpasteurized apple cider vinegar
Spectrum-naturals (iherb.com)

Buy Apple cider vinegar here
Healthvit (amazon.in)
White House (amazon.com)
dagsmeja.se (Swedish webshop)
grongava.se (Swedish webshop)
vitaminer.nu/Bragg (Swedish webshop)
kungmarkatta.se (Swedish webshop)

How to dissolve kidney stones

The herb Chanca-Piedra can dissolve kidney stones.
Other good treatments to dissolve kidney stones are: Magnesium, Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive oil and Lemon juice.
Chanca-Piedra http://disolvatol.com
Chanca-Piedra http://disolvatol.com/buy
Chanca-Piedra (viterna.at/Paracel)
Chanca Piedra, "Kidney Stone Crusher" (amazon.com)
Chanca Piedra, "Kidney Stone Crusher" (amazon.com)
http://www.ortagubben.se Swedish retailer
http://www.vitalamin.se Swedish retailer

Chanca Piedra stonebreaker tea

Dissolve the kidney stones with this green tea - Chanca Piedra stonebreaker tea.
Chanca Piedra stonebreaker tea
Chancapiedra - Stone Breaker Tea (ebay.com)
Chancapiedra - Stone Breaker Tea (amazon.com)
Chanca piedra tea
Chancapiedra - Stone Breaker Tea

Stone-Defense 60 vegetarian capsules (Crystal Star)
Stone-Defense (amazon.com)

Potassium Citrate - kidney stone medicine

Potassium is very effective against kidney stones. Potassium Citrate makes your urine alkaline and that inhibits kidney stones.

Buy Potassium Citrate here.
Solgar Potassium Tablets (amazon.com)
Potassium citrate supplements (amazon.com)
Potassium citrate supplements
https://naturprodukter.se (Swedish homepage)
https://lakemedelsverket.se (Swedish homepage)
naturprodukter.se (Swedish homepage)
Potassium citrate Swanson

Charak calcury - kidney stone medicine

Charak Calcury for Kidney Stones Calculus (amazon.com)
Charak Calcury 40 tablets for Urolithiasis (amazon.com)
charak calcury tablets
charak calcury (ebay.com)

Kulthi beans, Kulthi dal, horse gram fights kidney stones

Kulthi beans horse gram
buy horse gram
buy horse gram (amazon.com)

Nephrolithiasis: The process of forming a kidney stone, a stone in the kidney (or lower down in the urinary tract).

Diets to prevent kidney stones

Dash diet treatment and prevention for kidney stones

Parsley prevent kidney stones

Drinking parsley tea prevent kidney stones.
Parsley for Kidney Stones
Parsley treatment for kidney stones

Natural medicine treatments for kidney stones and general advices

Bicarbonate to dissolve kidney stones

10 herbs and foods to dissolve kidney stones. Water melon is very effective.

Green tea as prevention for kidney stones
Drink this green tea - Chanca Piedra stonebreaker tea.
Chanca Piedra stonebreaker tea

Green tea contains catechin.

US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health:
"catechin have preventive effects on renal calcium crystallization both in vivo and in vitro."

US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health:
"CONCLUSIONS: Catechin has preventive effects on renal calcium crystallization both in vivo and in vitro, and provide a potential therapeutic treatment for this disease."

This mean it should be beneficial to drink green tea if you have kidney stones.

Dandelion Root tea fights kidney stones
Drink tea of dandelion root

Vitamin B 6 prevents kidney stones

Magnesium treatment for kidney stones
The advice to use Magnesium as a treatment for kidney stones is valid for most kidney stones since around 80% of kidney stones consists of calcium.
But in a few cases, using magnesium could make the problem worse depending of what type of stone you have. But this is only in a few cases.
For most of us magnesium citrate works against kidney stones.

Most common types of kidney stones

The oxalate acid problem (and how to work around it)

Foods high in oxalates contributes to kidney stones such as rhubarbs, cocoa, nuts, soy, strawberries, spinach etc.
Here is a list of foods and their oxalate content.

Should we really stop eating these things? Not necessarily. These are healthy foods in general. If you have kidney stones or want to prevent kidney stones you can limit your intake of oxalate high foods. It seems it matters a lot how we combine our meals.
Calcium binds oxalates if they are combined directly in a meal. This mean that the oxalates will not end up in your bladder but instead leave the body through the faeces.
Eating or drinking calcium (milk) alone between meals should perhaps not be so smart then since it has nothing to bind with and the excess ends up in the kidney causing kidney stones..? Not really sure.
Anyway eating vitamin supplements or food supplements with calcium between meals is said to increase the risk of kidney stones.
Perhaps you should not drink milk between meals. Drink milk together with meals. Avoid eating calcium supplements between meals.

(articles.mercola.com) "Most kidney stones are made out of calcium, so it would seem that consuming too much could be problematic. On the contrary, people eating a low-calcium diet are more likely to develop kidney stones than those consuming more calcium.
It turns out that calcium in your digestive tract binds to chemicals called oxalates from your food, preventing them from entering your bloodstream and urinary tract where they may form kidney stones"

According to this article eating rhubarbs together with milk does not cause kidney stones because the oxalate acid binds with the milk's calcium already inside the stomach.
That sounds good. That would perhaps mean that any food high in oxalate acid eaten together with calcium (from food) would make the oxalate acid bind to the calcium if they are eaten at the same time. That would mean that even drinking black tea with milk would not contribute to kidney stones. Spinach stew with milk or strawberries with milk or cream would then also be safe to eat.

Oxalate acid foods causing kidney stones. Since oxalate acid binds to calcium a well balanced moderate calcium-oxalate diet can prevent kidne˙ stones.
http://omhalsa.info (Swedish page)

"Oxalate absorption is greatly hampered by high calcium intake, if the calcium is eaten when the oxalate is eaten." (kidneystones.uchicago.edu)

kidney stone prevention: Combine calcium-rich foods with oxalate-rich foods. Eat them together so they bind together already in the stomach.

Don't drink milk between you meals.
Drink milk together with your meals

Don't take Calcium between you meals. Take calcium together with your meals Don't chew chewing gum since many of them contain calcium.

Chemicals in household plastics contribute to kidney stones

Chemicals in plastics, and parfumes can also contribute to kidney stones such as Melamin, found in everyday household plastics but also as a component in porcelain. Phthalates is also said to contribute to kidney stones.

Melamin in household plastics and porcelain causes kidney stones. Advice: Use glass, genuine ceramic pottery and stainless steel or iron in the kitchen.
https://morotsliv.com (in Swedish)
http://kemikaliekollen.blogspot.se (in Swedish)

Melamin milk scandal in China
The big corporations put plastic chemicals Melamin in the food. Sick to say the least..
Melamin China

Turmeric -why you should take it daily

LCHF diet -low carbohydrate high fat

Candida yeast infection, tiredness,
sugar addiction, PH balance,

Healthy natural sweeteners and sugar alternatives, healthy baking

Herbs and green tea - inner harmony

Repair yourself at the cellular level. Methyl sulfonyl methane -MSM is organic sulfur.