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Weight loss and eating healthy

My whole page about LCHF diet is Here.

Green coffee beans and Green coffee beans extract for weight loss

Green coffee beans is unroasted coffee beans. This helps you to loose weight. It's something that really works. Use this.
You can drink it as coffee or eat green coffee beans extract.
Coffee slender
coffee slim
maximum slim original green coffee
green coffee bean extract
green coffee bean weight loss

Healthy low carb sweeteners

I have an entire page about Healthy low carb sweeteners. No more need for regular sugar.

Healthy natural-sweeteners - online stores

walmart.com lowcarbcanada.ca amazon.com ebay.com

Paleo diet

Here are links to inspire you to eat Paleo diet. I have not tried Paleo diet myself but I have tried LCHF diet and to me, it seems they are quite the same. Avoid carbohydrates.
Paleo diet
paleo diet bread alternatives
paleo diet bread alternatives no grain grain free
paleo diet breakfast
paleo diet lchf breakfast recipes
paleo diet lchf breakfast recipes avocado egg

LCHF diet whole page here

LCHF - Low carbohydrate High Fat diet. Avoid carbohydrates and eat a lot of fat at the same time. Loose weight. Read all about it here on one page.

Use LCHF diet to loose weight

Low carbohydrate High Fat. This is really healthy diet. You eat very little carbohydrates and very much fat at the same time, and you loose weight! Avoid carbohydrates. Skip white bread, buns, french fries, potatoes, bread, corn, rice and sugar. Eat vegetables to your meat instead. Carbohydrates is energy. The energy you don't burn during exercise is stored as fat in your body. French fries, white bread, corn, rice and sugar etc contains very much carbohydrates. Cut down on it or skip it for a while. If you eat less carbohydrates, then fat is quite good for you.
Warning, don't combine high fat and high carbohydrates.
http://www.bokus.com (in Swedish)
https://cdon.se (in Swedish)
http://www.nolaskogslchf.se They have courses in LCHF
http://annikadahlqvist.com (in Swedish)
http://www.bokus.com (in Swedish)
http://www.adlibris.com (in Swedish)

Eating healthy, organic, whole foods, vegetables and raw food


The miracle berry -no more need for sugar!

This is a dream come true for all sugar lovers, me included :)
The pill is made of a fruit named Miracle berry. It transforms all sour tasting thing into sweet taste! Let the pill dissolve in your mouth for about 5 minutes and then you can start to eat.
The effect lasts for about 15-30 minutes and then it starts to decrease, some say it lasts longer. Eat a Lemon and tastes like if it was dipped in sugar! Same thing with a Lime fruit or grape fruit. This is totally awesome.
I have an entire page about this.
Read more here about the fantastic miracle berry.

Raspberry Ketones touted a weightloss miracle

This seem to be worth trying. Many different products containing raspberry Ketone are availible.
There seem to be more to it than just the weight loss.
Raspberry Ketones Google images result -check it out!
Google images Swedish -check it out!
http://www.proteinbutiken.se/Produkter/raspberry-ketone Swedish
http://www.vitaminer.nu/raspberry-ketones Swedish

Use apple cider vinagre to loose weight

apple cider vinegar weight loss drink recipe
How does apple cider vinegar for weight loss work? Google results
http://www.äppelcidervinäger.se/ga-ner-i-vikt (Swedish)

Avoid soft drinks and sodas

Eating healthy is about good habits, good knowledge and discipline.
Think about how much sugar you drink every day. Don't drink this.
soft drinks sodas
Big Gulp
Diet sodas with aspartame make you gain weight

Resistant starch

Ok there is a lot to learn these days. I have just learned about something new called resistant starch. It's very healthy. It started when I discovered Barley. Barley contains a type of carbohydrate that does not make you fat. This type of carbohydrate/fiber is called resistant starch and resistant starch can also be obtained in regular food such as potatoes, white rice, beans etc depending on how you prepare and it these foods. To obtain resistant starch from the food, the general method is to cook the food and then let it cool down in the refrigerator for about 24 hours. Then you eat it. For many of these foods, you can re-heat it and still get resistant starch. For other foods, it seems the best way is to eat it cold. Resistant starch has a very positive impact on food digestion, colon health, the intestine and because of this it prevents and cures many diseases.
It also helps you loose weight.
You can read more about resistant starch here

Get some excercise and move your body

If you really want to loose weight you need some excercise. This is sometihng we all know. You can start by taking daily walks, this is what I do.

Turmeric -why you should take it daily

LCHF diet -low carbohydrate high fat

Candida yeast infection, tiredness,
sugar addiction, PH balance,

Healthy natural sweeteners and sugar alternatives, healthy baking

Herbs and green tea - inner harmony

Repair yourself at the cellular level. Methyl sulfonyl methane -MSM is organic sulfur.