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This homepage was done by Carl Grinde

I have been studying for 1,5 years and I became a fully qualified nurse assistant this summer, 2014. It feels great I work with assisted living for elderly people. I have also made www.carlg.org and www.flowchannel.com
I live in Sweden in Jämtland, Häggenås. I'm a born again Christian and Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior. Natural medicine is one of my major interests in life. It's amazing how many healthy organic remedies there are in the nature.
Being outside walking, cross country skiing or just enjoying the nature is aslo something that I really like alot. I love to pray outside in the beautiful nature. I praise and pray to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ every day. Praise the Lord! Peace.

My e-mail: info@carlg.org
My phone number: 0722 360293 my operator is Halebop (owned by telia Sonera) and the signal at my place is good. They are blocking my cellphone so you can't reach me. E-mails sent to me seem to not reach through. Sorry about that. All global telecom networks are controlled by the illuminati, the corrupt and greedy elite.

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