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Medical conditions
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Obesity/weight loss

Colds, flu,
 sore throat, cough

Teeth, mouth, tongue


Autism, neurological-
  psychiatric diseases

Cardiovascular disease
  stroke, cirkulation

Sugar addiction,
  Candida yeast infection
  leaky gut, tiredness

Toenail, foot fungus
  Athlete's foot

Genitals, sexual health

Joints, rheumatism,   stiffness, arthritis,   osteoarthritis

Psoriasis, skin


Alkaline foods,
  PH balance

Irritable bowel syndrome (ibs)
inflammatory bowel disease (ibd)
intestinal bowel disease
Crohn’s disease,
ulcerative coliti

Swedish bitters

Maria Treben's health   through god's pharmacy

Apple cider vinegar

Turmeric, Curcumine


Chaga mushroom

Kombucha tea

Green smoothies

Spirulina, Chlorella,
Wheatgrass, Kale,
Spinach, Nettles

Raw food, vegan food

Natural sweeteners

Miracle berries
  turns sour into sweet

Canned Oxygen

Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy

Hydrogen Peroxide

MSM and Colloidal silver

Colon hydrotherapy

Organic Coconut fat

Medical herbs, green tea


Aspartame, MSG
  harmful chemicals

Unusual medical conditions

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Real cures for real diseases
not "treatment" for fake and constructed diseases

Find a cure that really works

If you are ill you want a real cure, not a useless or perhaps harmful treatment. You can find good and healthy medicine here. Health is a God given right! Natural medicine and healthy food is the perfect cure if you are ill. Remember to thank God for all the things he has given us. He gave us medical herbs and vegetables so we should be able to use it for our own good.

Hippocrates, Greek philosopher and writer, termed the "Father of Medicine" said the famous words:
"Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food." He had good knowledge about food and nutrition.

Either we let our food be our medicine and our medicine our food. Or we can let both our food and our medicine be our disease.

Turmeric and its ingredient Curcumine is a super medicine

(U.S. National Library of Medicine) "More recently, laboratory studies have shown that curcumin exhibits various biological activities and significantly inhibits colon tumor formation and tumor size in animals. Curcumin shows both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, giving it the potential to be considered in the development of cancer prevention strategies and applications in clinical research."
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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy improves symptoms of autism in 75% of the subjects tested
hyperbaric+oxygen+therapy youtube results
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Canned Oxygen for health

This is really cool. Must try! So many brands are selling canned Oxygen.
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Chaga mushroom is a super remedy -"King of the medicinal Mushrooms"

It improves your health and boosts your immune system. It can cure Psoriasis, Cancer, irritated bowel syndrome and much more. Chaga is by many touted the best antioxidant there is.
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Natural health and medicine

This is a wide mix of different homepages about healthy food, nutrition, minerals, vitamins, suppliers and homepages.
Get unreal is a company that makes healthier candy, check them out, looks great.

Turmeric -why you should take it daily

LCHF diet -low carbohydrate high fat

Candida yeast infection, tiredness,
sugar addiction, PH balance,

Healthy natural sweeteners and sugar alternatives, healthy baking

Herbs and green tea - inner harmony

Repair yourself at the cellular level. Methyl sulfonyl methane -MSM is organic sulfur.